Program Sessions

 The VETRN Online Program in Entrepreneurship is made available to veteran small business owners, service-disabled veterans, National Guard, and family members who are in the early stages of business development, but have not yet attained the level of revenue, sustainability, or business growth necessary for acceptance into the more traditional VETRN MBA Program. The Entrepreneurship program is a 12 week online program, held every other week, where the curriculum addresses subjects critical to developing a business plan and viable business venture.

Individual program modules include:

1: The Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship
2: Introduction to HBDI and Whole Brain ThinkingR
3: Developing a Business Plan  
4: Understanding the Product Development Life Cycle  
5: Understanding Your Industry and Key Industry Metrics
6: Building and Coordinating Your Internal Operations

7: Team Building and Management
8: Understanding Different Marketing Strategies
9: Accounting Basics and Financial Management
10: Budgeting and Cash Flow Management
11: Financing Your Business
12: Final Business Plan Presentations

Program Highlights

  • Free tuition for all VETRN Entrepreneurship participants
  • Open to all Veteran small business owners, service-disabled
    Veterans, National Guard, and family members
  • Each cohort consists of 20-25 veteran small business owners
    and/ or family members
  • A national online program is held every other Saturday morning.
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring
  • An industry or financial mentor from day one of the program.
  • Guest speakers from the business, finance, accounting, banking,
    sales & marketing, cybersecurity, and legal communities
  • Access to the VETRN Professional Resource Network, including
    referred bankers, attorneys, and investors.
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VETRN has found, based on its many years of experience in running the successful VETRN MBA Program, that it is critical for the veteran small business owners to be assigned mentors from day one of the program. Mentorship is even more important for the participants in the VETRN Entrepreneurship Program. Mentors are carefully chosen based on industry background, financial and operational management skills, personality, and ability and desire to see their mentees succeed. The mentor’s role is to provide feedback and advice on their business plans and be available to discuss other issues their mentees may be facing. Many mentors continue to coach their mentees after the completion of the VETRN program.

Peer-to-peer mentoring is also essential to business success. Veteran small business owners greatly appreciate being able to attend a class with other veteran small business owners and be part of a peer-to-peer mentoring group where similar experiences are shared, along with growing pains and business practices. It is also important to have peer mentors provide feedback and mutual support on shared business issues and concerns that keep entrepreneurs up at night.

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Program Graduate Testimonials


Hear from a recent graduate, Josh Smith, on the VETRN program and his experience.


The VETRN Entrepreneurship Program includes writing a viable business plan, learning your management style, mentoring support, peer-to-peer support, guest lecturers in every class who come from the business, finance, accounting, real estate, sales & marketing, banking, cybersecurity and legal communities, as well as access to financing sources and a referral network of professionals who can provide services as may be needed on a pro bono basis.

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