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Program Sessions

1: Introduction to Goal Setting
2: Setting Growth or Turnaround Strategies
3: Small Business Growth
4: Financial Statements & Accounting Basics
5: Financial Metrics & Business Tools
6: Understanding How Other View Financials
7: How to Manage Through a Financial Crisis
8: Identifying Customer Base & Relationships

9: Positioning Your Business Within a Competitive Landscape
10: Social Media & Sales Strategies
11: Human Resources
12: Access New Capital: Public and Private Financing
13: Government Contracting
14: Final Growth Plan or Turnaround Plan Presentations

Program Highlights

  • free tuition for all VETRN MBA participants
  • open to all veterans, National Guard, and family members of established, veteran owned small businesses.
  • each cohort consists of 20-25 veteran small business owners or family members
  • an industry or financial mentor is assigned from day one of the program
  • guest speakers from the business, finance, accounting, sales & marketing, and legal communities
  • access to the VETRN Professional Resource Network, including referred bankers, attorneys and investors

Upon completion of the VETRN MBA program, the veteran small business owner will have completed and have vetted by industry, banking, sales and marketing, venture capital and other professionals, a growth plan or a turnaround plan that will provide him/ her every opportunity to become successful in growing or restructuring his / her own business.


VETRN has found, based on its experience in running this program, that it is critical for the veteran business owners to be assigned mentors from day one of the program. Mentors are carefully chosen based on industry background, financial and operational management skills, personality / ability and desire to see their Mentee succeed. Many of the Mentors attend classes with their Mentees and continue to coach them after the completion of the program.

Veteran business owners have greatly appreciated being able to attend a class with other veteran business owners to share similar experiences and to have a mentor who is an experienced finance professional or business owner from their industry working with them, including the ability to receive feedback concerning business issues and concerns that keep them up at night.

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Program Graduate Testimonials


Hear from a recent graduate, Josh Smith, on the VETRN program and his experience.


The VETRN program includes mentoring support, guest lecturers in every class who come from the sales & marketing, business, finance, accounting, real estate, banking and legal communities, access to financing sources and a referral network of professionals who can provide services on a pro bono basis.

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