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There are three options to get involved with VETRN; become a participant, sponsor, or volunteer. VETRN carefully reviews each submitted application that match necessary criteria. Each program session has limited slots available during the scheduled time frame.


If you are a veteran owned business or business owner who wants to give back, this program is a great way to do that. There are many veterans who want to grow their small businesses, but just don’t have the business knowledge, contacts, resources or network needed to help them become successful. Contact us and let us know of your interest in sponsoring a veteran for this program. Your sponsorship can make a big difference in changing their lives.

If you are a commercial bank, savings bank or credit union, with a branch in New England, you can sponsor a veteran who lives or works within your branch network. If VETRN identifies a veteran candidate in your banking area, who meets the qualifications to attend the VETRN program, you can make a huge difference to that veteran and his or her business by offering to pay his or her tuition. Moreover, you may want to promote the VETRN program throughout your branch network by asking branch managers to identify a veteran business owner whom they would want to sponsor to attend the VETRN program.

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    Veterans, because of their training, desire, commitment and “can do” mentality, are great candidates to grow their own small businesses. What they often lack, however, is the business knowledge, experience, resources, contacts and mentorship which is so important in helping to grow their business. That’s what the VETRN program is all about, what VETRN is providing and how you can help.

    We are always seeking more successful business owners, finance, banking and investment professionals, business consultants, attorneys, angel and private equity investors to become involved as VETRN mentors. Each small business owner who attends the VETRN program in entrepreneurship will be assigned a mentor to work with him from day one of the program. Mentors will be selected based on the best match with the veteran, his or her strategic business plan, goals, and objectives. Being a mentor is a commitment to work with the selected veteran to help by offering guidance, advice, introductions, helpful criticism, feedback and support, not just during the VETRN program, but afterward as well.

    If you are interested in becoming a mentor and giving back in this way, we welcome you to the VETRN family.

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      "The VETRN program covered a lot of information that was delivered clearly and effectively by a varied team of experts. The calm and insightful advice from the founder was invaluable as was the support from my fellow cohorts. I learned real life practical tips to implement in my business and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other small businesses."
      Margaret Stockley - Powcert