Qualifications for Selection

VETRN is accepting applications from prior service veterans, National Guard and/ or family members, who own a small business, to attend a program on how to successfully grow their business. The program is exclusively for veterans, service-disabled veterans, National Guard, and family members, and is free of tuition. Veteran business owners and family members who apply must have demonstrated a strong desire and commitment to grow their business and become successful. They must have been in business for one or more years, have a sustainable revenue model and have a minimum annual revenue of $125,000 or greater.

Program Application

Submit the form below to apply for the VETRN MBA program if the following criteria are met.

  • Veteran

    Are you a Veteran with a business?

  • Existing Business

    Do you have an existing, in-operation business?

  • Commitment

    Can you commit to a regular schedule where you'll receive coaching, mentorship and business advice?

    "This course forced me to analyze my business cash flow needs which identified an opportunity to increase my days for paying bills- and allowed me to survive an unexpected business slow down."
    Dave Winchester, President Run2Graphics