VETRN Announces Launch of its Program in Entrepreneurship

VETRN Announces Launch of its Program in Entrepreneurship For Veteran Small Business Owners and Family Members

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VETRN Program in Entrepreneurship

VETRN’s President, Lee Goldberg, and Program Manager, David Ferrara, are excited to announce the launch of our new VETRN Program in Entrepreneurship in April 2024.The 2024 online cohort in Entrepreneurship is to include 20–25 veteran small business owners, service-disabled veterans, National Guard and family members from across the country who are in the early stages of business development and do not yet meet the minimum requirements for acceptance into the VETRN MBA program.

Due largely to VETRN being an SBA Resource Partner, the VETRN Program is being promoted throughout the SBA community and across the USA. Of the 100 applicants who have applied to attend the VETRN Program during the past 12 months, 50% are either start-ups or early-stage companies that do not qualify for participation in the VETRN MBA Program. In a desire to serve those veteran small business owners in an early stage of business development, VETRN is now launching its new 12-week VETRN Entrepreneurship program.

This new VETRN Program in Entrepreneurship will be structured similarly to the VETRN MBA Program, and is tailored toward providing the training, mentorship, and professional resources necessary to complete a viable business plan. Every veteran small business owner accepted into the VETRN Entrepreneurship Program will receive a mentor from day one, become part of a peer-to-peer mentor group and receive instruction on essential business subjects from outstanding Guest Experts. Further, once a veteran small business owner graduates from the VETRN Program in Entrepreneurship, he/she may then become eligible to apply for the VETRN MBA Program. Both the VETRN MBA Program and the VETRN Program in Entrepreneurship are free of charge to the veteran community, National Guard, and family members.    To the SBA and all our resource partners, thank you for your support in helping veterans, service-disabled veterans, National Guard, and family members achieve their dreams and goals of becoming successful small business owners. We hope you will continue your support for the VETRN Entrepreneurship Program as we expand our programming nationwide to teach veterans and service-disabled veterans how to become successful business owners. We look forward to the continued expansion of the VETRN program, our veteran small business network, our VETRN graduate community, and the VETRN support community in the years ahead.